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Made from the same award winning and time tested shape of the Murray pro but made with Hyperlite's lady specific Satin Flex
The Prizm is a board that responds to lady shredders in the appropriate manner
A 3-stage rocker with no flat spot provides more board under foot for big airs off the wake
With a variable edge going from round to sharp through out the bard you get all the edge hold you want and forgiveness when you need it
The Prizm will quickly become the favorite amongst the lady shredders on your boat

3 - Stage rocker line boards provide the most explosive straight-up pop and will give you more air then any other style rocker line. Made for riders who are looking for big airs and
fast boards

Continuous rocker line boards provide smooth, consistent airs with more glide up to the wake. Made for riders who are looking for fast, predictable, and effortless takeoffs

Hybrid rocker line boards provide a combination of 3 - Stage and Continuous rocker line. Made for a high-end rider that wants different pop on the board depending on how they edge into the wake. While still being made for a mid-level rider that isn’t sure what style of hang time they are looking for
A ladies binding made for a customizable feel and for support
The quick cinch lace zone and the upper ankle velcro closure you can get the perfect fit every time
Built on the 6" universal mounting system to fit any wakeboard
Share the binding with your friends and family with the open toe design to accommodate multiple sized feet

Support Level - Mid
Range of Motion - Max
Low Pro Plate System
Adjustable Sizing
Easy On Fit
Articulating Cuff
Aluminum Mounting System
6” Universal Mounting Spread
Molded EVA Footbed
Lace Closure - Lower
Velcro Closure - Ankle