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  • Get a quick edge response every ride for an aggressive feel with massive pop off the wake
  • The continuous rocker and slightly wider profile the Cadence is a fast board perfect for female athletes
  • The dual concave tunnels exiting the tip and tail make for the aggressive approach to the wake
  • For a forgiving feel and a secure edge Hyperlite added the variable edge design giving the board a beveled edge between the stance platform and a sharp tip and tail 

    3 - STAGE

    • 3 - Stage rocker line boards provide the most explosive straight-up pop and will give you more air then any other style rocker line. Made for riders who are looking for big airs and 
    • fast boards


    • Continuous rocker line boards provide smooth, consistent airs with more glide up to the wake. Made for riders who are looking for fast, predictable, and effortless takeoffs


    • Hybrid rocker line boards provide a combination of 3 - Stage and Continuous rocker line. Made for a high-end rider that wants different pop on the board depending on how they edge into the wake. While still being made for a mid-level rider that isn’t sure what style of hang time they are looking for


    • Style, comfort and support define the 2023 Syn Binding
    • The Syn has been built from the ground up for fit and function for ladies looking to take their riding to the next level
    • With reduced internal volume and a lower cuff to accurately fit a woman's foot and calf
    • Dual quick cinch lace system allows for fine tuning of boot tension
    • Built upon the low pro plate system putting the rider closer to the deck of the board for maximum feel and control


    • Support Level - Max
    • Range of Motion - Max
    • Low Pro Plate System
    • Adjustable Sizing
    • Easy On Fit
    • Molded EVA Footbed
    • Flow Through H2O Drainage
    • Aluminum Mounting System
    • Universal 6” Mounting Spread
    • Lace Closure – Dual