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Designed to complement Syndicate Hardshell or Animal Front boot
Sizes: 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15
The HO Venom Boot was a favorite in the early 2000s as a soft compliment to the best-selling Animal Boot Collection. Skiers enjoyed the softer feel of the Venom as a rear boot to compliment a stiff front boot. For 2021, we’ve taken that vision of optimized back boot performance, and developed it further. We employed a Soft Natural Rubber toe and heel and combined it with a Thin Natural Rubber overlay. Furthermore, we designed a Low Drag Wrap Configuration, with tucked away connection points, thereby virtually eliminating where the back boot traditionally catches on the water. The result is a sleek rear slalom boot that doesn’t catch on the water, allowing skiers to better maintain speed in the course.
• Soft 100% Natural Rubber toe and heel: Lateral flexibility and comfort
• NEW Thin 100% Natural Rubber Overlay
• Low Drag Wrap Configuration: Tucked away connection points – Doesn’t catch on the water!
• Thin EVA footbed: Optimally designed for back boot performance.
Quick Features:
• Soft 100% Natural Rubber toe and heel
• Thin 100% Natural Rubber Overlay
• Low Drag Wrap Configuration
• Tucked Away Connection Points
• Thin EVA Footbed