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Designed for comfort and flexibility
ONE SIZE FITS ALL (Adjustable)
Available in Mens & Womens colorways
The Stance Adjustable Rear Toe is a solid choice for skiers searching for comfort and functionality. The SBR Closed Cell Foam
Liner delivers a snug yet comfy fit, while the static lace allows for size adjustability to fit a wide range of feet. A lighter weight and more comfortable alternative to a rubber rear toe loop, the Stance ART is customizable to your foot size. Just tighten the static lace overfoot and you’re good to go. No more jamming your foot into a rear boot that doesn’t fit right. Matches perfectly with the Stance 130 and Stance 110 front boots.

• SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner: Rubber rear toe feel with an exact but comfortable fit
• Static Lace: Size adjustability
• Lightweight build: A lighter
• Removable Footbed Anchoring System: Easier mounting
• Available in Direct-Connect and traditional high-quality aluminum plates
Quick Features:
• SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner
• Static Lace
• Lightweight build
• High quality aluminum plate
• Available in Direct-Connect and traditional plates