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Fits are a primary focus in Follow women’s surf range. Maximized flexibility, high quality construction, and lightweight materials combine for the perfect wakesurf vest. The Follow Surf Flex 2mm stretch panels front and back allow for maximum movement no matter the situation. When Cassidy Gale wanted a vest that reacted to the way she moves when surfing Follow gave her this comfortable, ultra-lightweight, highly-reliable surf-specific vest. Finishing this off with the Marle super-stretch neoprene made the choice just that little bit easier for you.

WARNING: This is not a life jacket to protect from drowning and IS NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Check your local and state regulations before purchasing.

Color: Pink


+ Surf Edition Flex Fit
Follow has worked closely with its team of female wakeboarders to get our Ladies’ Fit right. Secure but comfortable across the chest and tapered at the waist for a custom ladies’ cut.

+ Marle Finished Super Stretch Neoprene
Follow’s regular-stretch neoprene taken to the next level. This stuff is seriously soft, seriously stretchy, and really comfortable. Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, without compromising durability.

+ Dual Layer Neoprene Construction
Wet neoprene increases in size by roughly 10%, depending on thickness and materials. Follow uses both external and internal neoprene layers to minimize this effect. Dual Layer neoprene keeps the vest fitting as intended and helps to reduce chest expansion in the water.

+ Featherweight Foam
There are two ways to keep a life jacket as light as possible: reduce water absorption and use the lightest materials Follow could get their hands on. Their featherweight foam is the best of both worlds, no kidding, feel for yourself.

+ Comes in a Biodegradable Shipping Bag
Every vest in the Follow range comes in a biodegradable shipping bag. This decision is a simple one for most, yet they feel they are unique in their market for making this choice.

+ 2mm Super Stretch Movement Panels – Chest and Back

+ Distressed Leather Zipper Pulls